Why do drivers pay more to ride Uber? Here’s why

On Wednesday, Uber announced it had removed the “UberPool” service, which allowed people to rent vehicles from drivers to use for rides and pick up fares.

The company had said the service would remain in place until July 24.

That was the day that UberPool users were allowed to return to their Uber cars.

A few days later, the company said it was “working to make the removal of UberPool as painless as possible,” adding that it would continue to allow users to use the service in the future.

But on Thursday, the firm said it had made “additional changes to the UberPool app” and would continue allowing users to rent Uber cars until July 31.

The service was also removed from the Uber app.

“We believe that the way UberPool has been integrated into our app is a better experience for everyone,” the company added.

The move came a day after Uber’s head of global operations in Canada, Brian Behlendorf, said the company would “review the process” for UberPool, which he said would be rolled out “over the coming days.”

But a spokesman for Uber Canada told the CBC that the company was still “working on an update.”

“We’re looking at the details of that process,” the spokesman said.

The new rules would also see drivers earning $25 per hour to use UberPool.

They could only be used for rides up to $50 per hour.

The driver’s hourly wage would increase by $25 over the next three years to $40 per hour by July 31, 2018.

In addition, UberPool drivers would be required to have an annual insurance policy, a requirement that would apply to all drivers who are licensed to drive in Canada.

UberPool service drivers could be fined $50 and be banned from Uber for three years if they did not meet the new requirements.

They would also be required not to use vehicles for Uber or any other app that offers a service similar to UberPool within six months of the date of the ban.

The Uber driver must also have the insurance policy for three consecutive years.

Uber did not specify how it plans to make that transition.

It did, however, say that the changes would be made available for anyone who wants to use it.

“While we believe UberPool is a valuable service for drivers, we recognize that this is a complex process that will take time to complete,” Uber said.

It said it would be “making additional changes to our existing UberPool platform and will provide a detailed update to drivers in the coming weeks.”

Uber has a long history of removing drivers who have failed to meet its standards, including in Australia.

But Behlendref said it is Uber’s responsibility to make sure drivers who “violate our policies and practices, violate the rules of the road and have the ability to safely and safely operate their vehicles.”

The changes are likely to hit Uber harder in Canada than it has in the US, where the company has been accused of hiring people to do things it does not want them to do, such as driving for Uber and Lyft.