Why Bolt bins don’t look like they were designed for storage

A new tool that looks like an oversized bins can actually help customers organize and keep track of their vehicles.

The Bolt bins, which can be seen in a few popular locations, allow you to store items like batteries, electronics, chargers, and other accessories in your vehicle.

But if you don’t want to use them, the company behind the new tool says that the design can be customized.

“This is not a replacement for the standard Bolt, but an extension of it,” said Kevin McVean, Bolt’s senior product manager.

“We can do more with this design than just store batteries.”

The bins are basically a giant cart that you can attach to your vehicle, and the company said they have to be positioned well to keep them from sliding around.

You can see the Bolt bins in action on Recode’s TechBeat, where they are part of a broader initiative called Bolt-Truck.

The Bolt bins can hold up to 5,000 pounds of goods.

McVaine said that it’s not really a storage solution, but rather a tool for “getting rid of stuff in your garage or garage locker, or just taking stuff out of your car and just having it in the car or the locker or whatever.”

The company said the Bolt bin is not intended for storing anything larger than about a pack of cigarettes or a small laptop.

Mcvean said it can hold a “lot” of items.

“We can even use it for storing stuff for the next time you need it, or for when you don’ t need it for a few months,” he said.

Bolt also unveiled the Bolt-Bins, a new way to organize your home’s gear, which they call the “batteries” in their ads.

The company said that the Bolt battery can be used to store phones, tablets, laptops, and more.

The bins are attached to the vehicle’s dashboard, which allows them to be easily opened and closed.

You also get a handy storage box that can hold whatever you need to store.

McVean said that, while the Bolt batteries can be a little cumbersome, they do offer a lot of convenience.

“It’s not like you have to pack a lot, but it’s nice to have a little storage space,” he told Recode.

Mcvean noted that Bolt bins have been around for a while, but the company has been making the bins available to customers for a couple of years now.

“There’s been lots of innovation, but we have not really focused on the storage space part,” he explained.

“It’s kind of like an expansion of our product line, and we think it’s great.”

The Bolt-truck app is available on Android and iOS, and it will be available in some cities this summer.