Which truck is right for you?

Self service truck service is becoming an increasingly popular option in Australia, with more than half of Australians saying they would consider a self-service service truck if they had to choose.

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) said it was a significant trend, with the average self-serve truck rental company expecting to hire about 60 people a month.

“If we’re looking at a range of self- service truck rental services in Australia that we can take out to a customer and we can get it in-house to our customer, that would be very significant,” NFF president Greg Barns said.

The trend is driven by Australians wanting to save money on truck rental, with a $2,500 fee for the average price of a self service truck in Australia.

However, a majority of Australians also want to avoid unnecessary truck rental costs, with about 70 per cent saying they want their rental truck serviced within a week, while 28 per cent said they want to keep it for at least six months.

“It’s a very good trend for self-employed people,” Mr Barns told ABC News Breakfast.

Mr Barns has been running the National Farmers for more than 20 years and is convinced that self service services will grow in popularity as people move away from the fixed-route truck model.

“[Self-service] has really become a lot more widespread, because the truck rental business is getting bigger and the people who rent the truck are moving away from fixed routes,” he said.

“So the people renting the truck, the truck operators are doing it more and more often, so it’s a lot easier to do it within a few weeks of when the customer’s going to come.”

Mr Barnett said that a large part of his success with the NFF had been due to the fact that his clients were satisfied with their rental trucks.

He said that people were happy with the quality of the service they were getting and that it was “the right choice for the business”.

“The trucks are very well maintained, there’s no rust, they’ve got good maintenance,” he told ABC Radio Adelaide.

While the NFFL has a strong presence in Melbourne and other parts of the country, Mr Barnst said there was a growing interest in self- servicing truck rentals in regional areas.

“There’s a huge demand for self service service trucks in those areas because they have people coming into town for Christmas,” he explained.

Although self service companies are popular in the city, Mr Barnett said there were still some major areas where trucks were not available.

In Darwin, for example, there are no self-services available.

Mr Barnst believes self-servicing will become more common as truck rental companies expand and the number of rental trucks increases.

“Self service trucks will become a bigger part of the Australian truck rental industry because it’s easier to get them into the city,” he added.

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