When you can get a lift truck from a tow truck service company

Bentley, the leading trucking company, is moving forward with its own lifting truck service business.

The company announced Thursday that it will expand its operations to the Las Vegas area, in the form of a new lifting truck and tow truck services company, called Bentley Truck Services.

This marks the first time Bentley has offered a lift service in Nevada.

The new company will be called Bentleys Lift Truck Services, and will offer the same level of service to tow truck drivers as it does to lift truck drivers.

The Bentleys will offer a full range of lift trucks and tow trucks for commercial and recreational customers.

The service will be offered through Bentleys online platform and in Bentleys Las Vegas retail stores.

In addition to providing a full service of lift vehicles to the commercial and private market, the company will also offer a lift vehicle service for residential customers in Las Vegas.

According to Bentley’s press release, this new company is a subsidiary of Bentley Group Holdings, LLC, a holding company owned by Bentley Holdings LLC.

Bentley CEO James M. Bentleson said in a statement that the company is proud to continue to be a leader in the lift truck and trailer industry, and is excited to have a partner like Bentley.

Bentleys lift truck will be able to be serviced in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada, as well as at Bentley facilities in Bentley and Henderson.

This is a new offering for Bentley that will make it the first in the nation to offer the lift vehicle business to commercial and residential customers.

Bentle said that the new service will provide the Bentleys towing company with “a fully integrated and efficient platform for the entire lifting truck, tow truck, and trailer fleet.”

The new Bentleys platform will include technology that allows the company to increase the capacity of its service centers in the Las Vesnes, Reno and Henderson areas, he said.

The move to Nevada is the result of the Bentley company’s merger with Bentleys Tow Truck, which was completed in 2016.

The merger saw the company consolidate its operations in Nevada and make Bentleys tow truck the only company in the United States that offers lift trucks in Nevada, and a major factor in the move to Las Vegas, according to Bentleys website.

“This new service and expansion is a significant milestone for Bentleys as it allows us to deliver a new level of quality, service, and performance to our customers,” M.M. Benteson said.

“Our partnership with Bentley provides us with an incredible opportunity to continue our expansion and enhance our service to the entire lift truck, truck and SUV fleet in the future.

We will be looking forward to continuing to grow our business in Nevada.”

The company will begin offering lift trucks to the public on October 17.

“As the leading company in lift truck servicing in the world, we are excited to continue offering lift truck services in Nevada,” said Matt Bentley in a press release.

With our growing portfolio of vehicles and accessories, we will continue to invest in our customer service and the people we serve and will continue our commitment to provide quality customer service.”