When will the truck service stop?

Updated January 17, 2018 09:52:22 The trucks and service trucks will be gone by February 20 and the roads will reopen to all but the elite who are already there.

The Queensland Government is in the process of reopening some major roads to all Queenslanders, including the north-east, east-west and north-west, but the trucks and services will be off the road until at least February 20.

A Queensland Government spokesperson said the government was working with truckers and service providers to make sure services can resume as soon as possible.

They said there were “no current plans to reopen roads” but they were aware of a number of service providers that were providing services to motorists who were not able to return.

“The Government is working closely with the operators to provide a safe, safe and efficient service for Queenslanders,” the spokesperson said.

There are more than 100 service trucks on the roads and many more will soon start operating again.

Queensland Roads Minister Steve Irwin said the Government had been working with service providers and truck drivers to make the roads safer and quicker for motorists and their vehicles.

He said while there were no plans to restart trucking services, the government is working with other entities and other services to provide services to the people of Queensland, including those who had been in hospital, and their families.

Irwin said Queenslanders could expect to see a lot of service trucks and trucks moving in and out of the state, particularly in the south.

People who have been in hospitals and other facilities for some time have been advised to stay in bed and call the police if they have been sick, he said.