When the Postal Service shuts down: Tires and trailer truck service

The Postal Service has announced it is closing its truck tire road servicing service, which helps small business owners in the rural areas.

In a blog post, the Postal Inspection Service (USPS) announced that it is shutting down service to small businesses to address the high costs of truck tire repair.

The USPS has been forced to shut down service for over a decade, and the agency says it has made significant savings over the years by outsourcing truck tire maintenance to the private sector.

The service, formerly known as the “tire-repair program,” was launched in 2010 to address truck tire shortages in rural communities.

In 2017, the USPS announced it would invest $20 million to expand the service to include smaller businesses.

The agency also announced a pilot program that allows for small businesses that meet certain criteria to receive a discount for sending their tires to the company.

But the Postal Inspections Service says the new program will not be implemented until 2019, and that it will only allow companies to receive discounts on the first day of service.

The Postal Inspection Services (USIS) says the truck tire service was launched as a way to provide low-cost, low-risk service to rural communities, and to help rural communities reduce their tire costs.

“The tire repair program provided a unique opportunity to help small businesses achieve their goal of reducing their truck tire costs by sending their trucks to the local postal inspector,” said USPS President and CEO Robert E. Kelly.

“We are proud to partner with the private industry to offer this service to all small businesses.

We hope to see more small businesses take advantage of the new postal service’s tire repair initiative.”

The service was introduced in 2010 and was designed to help local businesses reduce their truck tires’ cost by sending a small quantity of their tires, typically 25,000 tires, to a local USPS inspector.

The company that receives the tires sends the tires to a company that can then install the tires in a local postal office.

The program was initially launched to help reduce the number of trucks that are required to use roads in rural areas, and it has since expanded to include the transportation of other materials, including materials used in the manufacturing of materials used for road construction.