Volvo’s truck component services provider Ford will offer tow truck and truck component service to U.S. customers

Volvo’s global truck component and service division will offer vehicle tow services to U-S.

consumers starting this summer, with the first customers expected to arrive in late 2018, a source with knowledge of the deal said.

The company’s new truck component business, Ford Trucking, is part of Volvo’s new segment strategy that aims to be more cost-competitive with its rivals in both the U.K. and Germany, the source said.

Ford said it would begin offering vehicle tows this summer in markets where Volvo currently operates a fleet of trucks.

The U.k. is a key market for Volvo, which currently operates two fleet of full-size trucks.

Volvo said it expects to begin offering truck component tows to U.-S.

truckers beginning this summer.

Volvo said it has been in talks with Ford about the offer since November, when it launched its new U.s. business unit in London, the company said.

The company said it was committed to offering a high-quality and affordable vehicle component tow service.

Volkswagen, the parent of the VW brand of cars and trucks, is also looking to expand its global truck market with a new U-series truck.