Truck towing services are taking off

The truck toting service truck to transport equipment in Detroit’s downtown has launched an aggressive marketing campaign in the hopes of attracting new customers.

The company’s truck totletracing business, based in Detroit, was founded in 2014.

It’s the latest in a series of efforts to woo drivers who typically take time off during the summer months to take advantage of the winter months.

The move to bring its truck to the wintertime is expected to add $2.5 million in new revenue to the company’s coffers by December, said Jeff Smith, CEO of the company.

The effort also helps fill the company with new hires.

Smith said he’s expecting a number of new drivers to sign up for the service, which offers towing, picking up and storage in the area, as well as truck rentals and storage.

The new business model will allow the company to keep some of the cash it generates from its regular towing business, he said.

The company also hopes to increase its business by adding to the number of people working for it, he added.

The towing company is also offering a $1,000 discount for new customers, and a new $200 reward for customers who sign up after Dec. 16.

The pickup truck to be leased will be a 2016 Chevrolet Malibu.

The driver will be hired at $60 an hour and have two years of experience.

It’s expected to be fully self-driving, with the ability to take over at any time, Smith said.

The truck tote service is a pilot project for the company, and the tote will be able to tow two to six vehicles per hour, Smith added.

It has an average tow time of 15 minutes.

Smith also said the company is recruiting for a fleet of trucks, and is working on adding more services.

Smith hopes to add about 30 drivers to the fleet by the end of this year.

The Detroit-based company has been leasing trucks to other companies and is now focused on towing trucks, he continued.

The service is similar to that of the service trucker towing industry company, T.M.T.R.S., which charges a similar rate to a tow company.

But the Detroit-area company is doing more of the leasing to keep costs down, Smith explained.

Trucks and towing companies compete for drivers who take a few hours off during summer months.

T.S.R.-S.L. and other competitors charge for the right to tow.

The Detroit-Area T.T.’s is also competing to provide service in the winter.

Detroit-area companies have been leasing totlets and trailers to each other, and now have competition among tote companies, said Michael Tull, president of the Michigan Business Alliance.

The goal is to keep drivers on the roads and to be able offer the best service, Tull said.

He said the Detroit area needs to keep attracting truck drivers, who have a higher unemployment rate than most other areas.