Truck service company in Texas, Tennessee will start truck roadside service

Truck service companies in Texas and Tennessee are about to get some help from one another.

According to a report from Texas Tribune, the state of Texas has granted an option to Tundra Transportation Group Inc., the trucking company that operates a truck service center in Bexar County.

The company, which operates out of a former T&n Trucking & Trucking warehouse, will start offering truck roadside services on Wednesday, according to the Tribune.

Tundra’s service center will serve customers in Texas as far north as Austin and as far south as San Antonio, and will be the only one of its kind in the country.

The trucking giant, which is based in Atlanta, Georgia, will be able to operate its trucks through a fleet of 24 Tundras, which will be equipped with GPS-equipped equipment that will allow the company to map and route trucks.

T&n is currently operating an on-demand truck service facility in Austin, and the company recently began offering its truck roadside business.

The company plans to expand its service in Texas by expanding its fleet to 25 trucks, which could mean that it will expand to more states over the next few years.