Truck delivery service wants to take over trucking industry

A truck delivery company is trying to take on the trucking business by offering truck drivers a cheaper, easier and more convenient option for delivering packages and other goods.

Truck Delivery Service of Colorado says it plans to start operations by 2021.

It has received more than 3,000 applications and is considering three companies.

Its new competitor, the delivery service GoFundMe, offers the same service but charges a $5 deposit.

The company said it will be headquartered in Colorado and will be focused on delivering packages, not trucks.

The service’s first full-time job will be in 2019, the company said.

GoFundme said it plans on using a similar approach to the one Uber Technologies Inc. used to compete with delivery companies.

Uber is expanding in Colorado after a decade-long partnership with the state to build a fleet of more than 30,000 trucks and deliver hundreds of millions of packages.

The company is based in Austin, Texas.

Trucks with full-size trucks are expected to have the capacity to deliver about 1.6 million packages in 2020, GoFundment said.