Truck body lift truck service found in Brisbane

A truck body lift service company has been found in Queensland.

Key points:The company is now under investigation after a man was found dead in Brisbane, it is unclear how he diedThe body lift company says it’s investigating how the man diedThe company has not responded to a request for comment.

The body-lift company, TFL Services, was operating on Friday night when it noticed a man in the area and called the police.

Police found the body of the man at the site.

“We were not sure what happened at the time and it was a quick call to dispatch to say something had happened and we were very worried about what might have happened,” a spokeswoman for TFL told the ABC.

“It was a very quick call and we didn’t want to get the wrong impression that we were involved in this, we wanted to do everything we could to make sure that our workers were safe and to help them to make their way home safely.”

She said there were two other workers in the truck and it had been sent to a hospital.

Police have confirmed the man who died is not the company’s employee, and it is not clear how the incident unfolded.

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