The world’s most expensive truck rental company – and why it’s worth every cent

The world has a number of expensive truck rentals, but there’s one that stands out.

It’s not from a company called The Truck Agency but from an Australian company called International Truck Service.

The service is so expensive because of the cost of the trucks.

International Truck Service’s truck rental business has grown by more than half in the past year and the company has grown from a truck rental service into a company that provides services such as truck roadside service and international truck rental.

A big chunk of the money from the service is coming from overseas.

“The business has been growing at a rate of 30 per cent year-on-year over the last six months,” said Paul Stryker, who runs International Truck Services.

So why is it so expensive?

International truck rental services charge $10 a truck for a pickup, $20 a truck when you book through the trucking network, $40 a truck to deliver it back to your home, and $60 for an overnight delivery.

The company’s prices for the truck rentals are also higher than those charged by many other truck rental companies, which typically range between $40 to $70.

If you’re renting a truck on the Australian continent, you’re likely to pay about $50 a day, depending on the destination and the amount of time you spend with the truck.

To keep costs down, International Truck’s trucks are shipped by truckers, but the company also offers truck rental trucks.

This is where the difference between the truck rental and truck company comes into play.

International Truck says its truck rental prices are competitive with the other truck companies because of their location and time spent with the trucks, which can range from two to three days.

But it’s the service truck rentals that are the real winners.

In Australia, the cost to hire a truck depends on where the truck is rented.

For example, a truck in Victoria costs about $150,000 and a truck owned in Tasmania is about $140,000, but they are much cheaper to rent than the truck that’s rented in the Northern Territory.

International Truck says that in the three years to March 31, 2015, the company paid $10,500 to $12,000 for a rental truck.

“That’s not a bad price for the most basic of services, like pickup, but it’s not what we’re looking for,” Mr Strykers said.

When the truck was rented in Tasmania, the truck company charged $20,000 to $25,000 a day.

With more trucks being rented in Australia than ever before, that has a direct impact on the cost.

The cheapest way to rent a truck is through the Australian network, but international truck rentals often include a rental fee, which International Truck is now charging $20 to $30 a day for pickup.

It’s the cost that International Truck can charge to get that money out of the truck and onto your credit card.

International Trucks’ trucks are also more expensive to operate because they have to be in storage for more than a year before they can be rented again.

Truck rental companies in other countries are paying a similar price.

In the United States, the average truck rental price is about 25 per cent of the price charged by international truck companies, according to the National Association of Independent Contractors.

In Australia, International Truers rates trucks are about 40 per cent cheaper than the average rental in the US, and about a third cheaper than trucks rented in New Zealand, where the average price is around $65 a day or $120 a day in Tasmania.

The Australian company’s rates are competitive and can be more competitive in some parts of the country than in others, but overseas prices are high.

At the moment, International trucks only rent trucks in Victoria and Tasmania, so if you’re a truck owner in New South Wales and you want a truck that has been moved somewhere else and isn’t owned by International Truck, it’s best to rent it from International Truck.

The rental fee is also a deterrent, because the truckers will take the truck home and leave you with the bill.

But international truckers in the Western and Central Highlands say they’ll happily rent a pickup truck from International Trues.

Mr Stryers says international truck operators also offer service truck arrangements to drivers for free, so there’s no extra charge.

“If you are a driver who wants a truck, you can get a pickup at any of the companies,” he said.

“And the trucks are very cheap.”