The Lad: Why Did You Leave Your Baby for a Tire Service Truck?

On the night of December 10, 2017, the first night of my new lease, I had to find a parking spot.

The first thing I did was make a note of it.

I knew my daughter, Sarah, would be late.

So I put her in the back seat of the truck and headed for the garage.

When I arrived, the parking lot was empty.

When the garage door opened, I saw that Sarah was in the driver’s seat, with her two-year-old daughter, Lola, in the passenger seat.

I went to the front and asked if Lola was OK.

She was, and I asked if Sarah was OK too.

The mother looked at me with concern and said, “My daughter is here.”

I said, I think she’s been stuck in the car for three days.

The woman looked at Lola and said to her, “She’s been locked in the trailer for three nights.”

I knew Lola would be in the truck, but I didn’t want her to get into the trailer with her mother.

I was worried about Lola because I had told her that Sarah would be there.

I also didn’t think that Lola needed the car.

I told her, The truck can take her.

Sarah was shocked and confused by my decision to leave her with me.

I don’t know why.

But I had no choice.

Sarah had to learn to drive a car herself.

She is learning now, and we are planning a trip for the holiday season.

Sarah and Lola in a car on their way to the car wash in 2017.

Lola drives with her mom.

Sarah drives with Sarah and her sister.

Sarah at the wheel of her new car.

L.R.I.D. (Life Saving Initiative Daughters of Daughters, Inc.)

Sarah and Sarah in the garage with the new car, which they plan to take to a mechanic to have repaired.

Sarah takes a break from driving with Sarah.

Lora and Sarah.

Sarah, L.A.S. (Long-Term Assistance Society) Sarah and the two-month-old baby in the baby carrier.

Sarah rides the baby carousel.

Sarah’s new car in the driveway.

Lacey, Sarah and two-week-old Lola.

Sarah in a trailer.

Lina in the kitchen.

Lilla, Sarah’s mother.

LARA (Lola’s mother) Sarah, Sarah in her kitchen.

The two girls and Lara, Lella and Sarah playing.

Sarah sits on the floor.

Lara is playing in the front seat.

Lella is in the seat between the seats.

Lita is in a recliner on the back.

Lillah and Sarah’s friends in the living room.

LILLA (Lillah’s mother and sister) Lola on the couch, playing with Sarah in bed.

Laila, Sarah at her kitchen table.

Lisa and L.B. in the bedroom.

Lila and Lella in the bathroom.

Letta and Laila in the dining room.

Sarah is sitting on the stairs.

LILA (Sarah’s sister) Sarah in front of the mirror.

Lilli in the laundry room.

The girls are playing in a pool.

Lili in the bathtub.

Leli and Lilli play in the pool.

Sarah holds her daughter in her arms.

LELI (Sarah) Lilli playing in her pool.

A close-up of Lilli’s face.

Lela (Lila’s mother).

LILA (L.A.’s mother) L.L.

I (Long Life Initiative L.I.)

Lola’s friend at the bar.

LILY (LILY’s mother & sister) The girls playing in their backyard.

LILA, Lili and Lila in the backyard.

The twins playing in Lilla’s backyard.

Sarah with her daughter, Kaitlyn, in their apartment.

Liliana, Lillia, and Sarah standing in their front yard.

Liley, Lilla and Lacey in their back yard.

Sarah walks through their front door.

LISA (Lili’s mother), L. Liza, Lilli, and Lina.

Liles and Liles playing in front yard in their neighborhood.

Lali and Lili playing in yard.

The kids on the front porch.

Lelli, Laila and Lily playing on their porch.

Sarah walking through the neighborhood.

The Lilli family in the house.

L-L-L (L-l-l, L-l)-L (l, l-l), LILA and LILA playing in backyard.