“The Bigger Picture: What It Takes to Build a Truck That Doesn’t Break the Bank”

I know, I know.

I’m just saying, I really liked this story because of its brevity.

In it, we learn that the big problem facing truckers is a lack of affordable transportation, so it makes sense that there are companies that offer what they call “rent-a-service” trucks.

These trucks are cheap to buy and rent for a reasonable fee.

I was curious, though, what the heck it was that these guys were doing with these trucks.

The answer was pretty easy to figure out.

They were loading a bunch of cargo onto a delivery truck.

This truck would then take the cargo to a trucker’s warehouse to be unloaded and shipped back to its home base.

The shipping company would then pay the trucker a fee to have the cargo shipped.

This was the way trucking companies were getting around the fact that, like, all of the freight that goes through a warehouse must be paid for.

And it’s a pretty big problem.

And you’ll notice in this story that we’re talking about trucks that are loaded with shipping containers.

These are trucks that, for a fee, are going to move that cargo to your home.

And that’s just one problem with the shipping companies that we mentioned.

The other problem with these companies is that they didn’t take into account how much the trucks were going to cost, how much it was going to take to haul that cargo, how long it was gonna take for the cargo, and so on.

The truck companies were charging a lot of money for the truck, and the people who were driving these trucks were getting screwed.

And so what we ended up seeing was that a lot, a lot more of the people that were driving trucks were really low-income workers.

And a lot were African-American workers, as opposed to just white people who drive a lot.

And what we’re finding is that trucking is a way to get around this problem.

So, how do you get cheap trucking services?

You get a big company that’s willing to do the work for you.

And, as we’ll see, this big company is really, really, good at what it does.

The company is called The Truck Company.

And I like the name of this company because it’s sort of the epitome of what we’ve seen lately.

I mean, what is a Truck Company?

Well, it’s the company that owns the warehouse where the cargo is going to go to.

The warehouse is essentially like a big warehouse.

And the warehouse is basically like a warehouse.

So there’s tons of warehouses around the country.

And The Truck Companies are kind of the guys who are running these warehouses.

And one of the things that makes them special is that you can lease the warehouse space from them.

And there are a bunch different ways that you lease warehouses.

You can rent a warehouse for just one day.

You rent it for a month.

You lease it for 10 years.

And for the most part, if you do it right, you can get a trucking company to lease you the warehouse.

But the problem is, they’re charging you a pretty hefty fee to lease the space.

And they’re also charging you to pay for that truck to be there when it gets there.

And then, for the rest of the day, you pay the company a fee just to make sure that the truck is there when the trucks get there.

But, of course, the trucking industry also provides a lot for these trucking guys, because they pay off a bunch more freight than the truck companies.

So what happens when you rent a truck and it’s not there?

Well first of all, you have to find a truck company that you trust.

And if you don’t trust a truck that has a bad reputation, you probably shouldn’t rent a vehicle from a truck companies that are bad.

And most of the truckers are very, very loyal.

But there’s a lot that’s unknown about what the truck drivers really do.

What kind of trucking practices do they do?

The trucking workers who are in the truck service industry are very efficient.

They are very disciplined.

They have very little turnover.

They don’t have the turnover that you see in some other industries.

And this is a huge benefit.

It makes it easier to work.

And when you get into the truck business, it helps you build your resume and your business.

And in the long run, it also makes it harder for you to quit.

It’s not that you’re a jerk; it’s that you have a job and you have the money to pay off your truck.

You have to be very careful about what you say about your work and your company and what you do for your family.

And your family has to be really, very careful, because you might get fired