Nevada lawmakers propose $5 billion vehicle repair program

Nevada lawmakers have proposed a $5.5 billion state vehicle repair bill that includes $500 million for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to conduct a national survey to determine if the state’s new vehicle registration system is working properly.

The Senate Transportation Committee voted 21-6 to move forward with the bill, which also would establish a national task force to analyze the new system, according to a release.

Senate Minority Leader Mark Leno (D-Nev.) has been working on the bill for months.

The legislation, which will now go to the Senate floor for consideration, would fund the agency’s ongoing efforts to determine whether the registration system in Nevada is effective and whether it is the right approach to ensure a reliable, affordable, and safe state transportation system, the release said.

The bill also directs the agency to conduct an ongoing assessment of the current and proposed vehicle registration systems in the state.

The bill, the Senate bill, would also establish a task force of state legislators to study the issues surrounding the registration and vehicle inspections system.

The task force will report back to the Legislature on the implementation of the bill by February 2021, the bill says.