More than half of NSW drivers who have had a stolen car report it to police – ABC News

A majority of NSW’s drivers who report a stolen vehicle to police have reported it to the police because they believed it was stolen, according to figures released on Tuesday.

The figures released by the NSW Police Association show nearly half of the nearly 6,000 NSW drivers contacted by police had reported a stolen or abandoned vehicle.

A total of 4,904 vehicles were stolen from NSW in 2015.

Of those 4,094 vehicles, about 1,400 were reported stolen and 1,878 reported abandoned, the figures show.

Of the 4,064 vehicles reported stolen, 2,074 were reported to police.

Of that 2,062 vehicles reported abandoned the figures showed 2,021 vehicles were reported missing.

About a quarter of NSWs drivers who reported a car theft or abandoned car to police in 2015 had reported the vehicle to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Police said the majority of people who reported stolen or unattended vehicles were likely to report the vehicle as stolen, and the vast majority of the stolen or left unattended cars were later found to be registered to the driver.

The figure is based on a survey conducted in March last year by police in the south-east of NSW.

In total, 7,826 drivers reported being involved in a car accident in 2015, with 1,741 people being injured.

Of these, 1,073 of those were injured and 12,569 people had to undergo surgery.