How Valley Water Taxi Works

New Delhi: An advertisement in the Times of Ireland is highlighting how the water taxi industry is helping India’s small rural villages and rural districts, by providing transportation to their homes, work and school.

The advertisement, which was placed on February 17, says: We have been providing the services for decades.

We are not only a transportation company, but also a service for the rural community.

Today, we have a huge number of water taxi drivers, who deliver water to the houses of the village.

The service is available to all households.

They can use the water on their own or get a water taxi and pay a nominal fare for the trip.

They do not have to pay taxes.

They also do not need a permit for transporting water from one location to another.

The advert highlights the small rural communities in the State and how their water is vital for their lives.

It is a service that is available for every family in the rural areas.

The ad, which features the slogan “Every single person is a driver”, was put on the TimesofIreland website on February 18, one day after the government announced the launch of the country’s first pilot water taxi service.

The pilot, which will be run by the water company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, will start on February 20 and will last for a month.

Water taxis are already available in some cities and towns across India.

The water taxi companies offer water service for about 30-40 rupees per litre.

It’s a free service and there is no requirement to pay a meter fee, and the water can be delivered free of cost to the premises.

The companies are also offering other services like cleaning and repair of vehicles, transport of materials, and even building and repairs of houses.