How to use your Google Glass to create a ‘cool’ service truck

Google Glass is the latest device to get a big update.

The Glass app, which lets users control vehicles through voice commands, now comes with a new feature that lets you use the device as a service truck.

In a new update, Google Glass will be able to take a photo and turn it into a video feed.

This means that if you want to upload a video of your truck running, you can turn on the “service truck” function on your Glass, and Google Glass’ camera will record the footage.

“You’ll see a new video in the app when you use this feature, which will let you share the fun with your friends and colleagues,” said the update on Google Glass.

“The app will also make sure that your video is saved in a secure location and available to the world for everyone to see.”

This is where it gets interesting.

The feature, called “service vehicle,” can also be used as a way to stream live streaming video to Glass.

A service truck is a vehicle that is operated by a human driver, rather than a robotic vehicle.

The Google Glass app currently supports live streaming from Google Glass, but there is no way to upload videos directly to Glass without an account.

“With the service vehicle feature, we’ve created a new mode for Glass to interact with video, which is a lot more exciting,” said a Google Glass spokesperson in a statement to Polygon.

“We are excited to bring this new feature to Glass, which means you can stream your own videos or photos from your Glass experience.”

This new service vehicle mode, which was first mentioned in a Reddit thread on Tuesday, can be accessed by pressing the “S” button on the Glass’ front facing camera.

This button, which can be found at the bottom of the camera’s display, is the “Live Video” button.

You can also turn on “Record video” and “Capture audio” in the same way.

The “Live video” button will play a video that is recorded from your camera.

If you turn this feature on, you will see a green video feed on your Google Photos account.

When you tap the video feed, you are prompted to select which portion of the video to play.

“This is how you can record and view video with Glass,” the Google Glass representative said.

You will be asked to choose which video to record.

The recording will take up your camera’s entire viewport, and you can adjust the video quality by adjusting the slider on the top right corner.

If the video is in slow motion, the slider will be raised to “Slow motion.”

You can adjust which video segments you want Glass to record in order to get the most out of the Glass.

For example, you might want to record an action in slow-mo, and then record it at the speed you want it to go.

“If you’d like to record a video, you simply select the video you want, and the app will create the appropriate capture,” the spokesperson said.

This feature is available in the Google Photos app for Android and iOS.

You’ll be able upload your own content to the service truck, and it will be available to everyone in the world to see.

The update comes on the heels of another Google Glass update that adds support for Google Glass 3D glasses, and a Google Home accessory that will let people control home appliances with voice commands.

Google Glass 2.0 is available for $1,299 and $1:499 on Google Play and the App Store, respectively.