How to save time and money in the new Delhi transport rules

The city is planning to reduce the number of vehicles allowed on its roads and move to a more pedestrian-friendly city.

Here are the key points:In Delhi, cars must be able to make 50 metres from the road and 15 metres in any direction within 100 metres of the road’s centreline.

There is also a limit of four vehicles on each side of a vehicle.

The city is also planning to introduce a one-way system, allowing the driver to exit the vehicle to get out of traffic at the nearest stop light.

The change in traffic rules will take effect from April 1, when the state government will amend the Traffic Rules.

The change will also apply to public transport vehicles.

Under the new rules, vehicles will have to be fitted with an electronic signal light that indicates when the vehicle is turning or changing lanes.

The Delhi High Court has rejected a challenge to the city’s decision to introduce the signal-less system.

The ruling was handed down on Wednesday by the Delhi High court.