How to get a truck with a disabled driver

dallas police officers said that the company had provided the company with the truck for two months and it was in its last stage of being assembled.

Police officials said the driver was in a wheelchair and was unable to use the lift.

“It was the most dangerous vehicle we have ever seen,” said Captain J.V. Rajagopal, a senior police officer.

The truck was equipped with a generator to power it and had a water tank.

Police said the truck was also equipped with special locks on its doors.

The police said that police are seeking a lawyer to represent the driver in the case.

The vehicle, which has an accident report, was seized by the police and the company’s owner was arrested on Thursday.

“They were on their way to the city of Hyderabad for work.

We will take action against them,” said Rajagpal.

Police officers said the company has been operating for about five months.

“We are asking the company to pay the Rs. 5 lakh fine to the driver.

If the company does not comply, we will take a punitive action,” said J.P. Jadhav, the Hyderabad police chief.

“I am not satisfied with the way the company is dealing with the issue.

We want to know if there is any other way to ensure the safety of the driver,” Jadhampal said.

The company said it was unable for security reasons to provide details about the driver to police.

“The company has a contractual obligation to provide services to the public in the form of a truck service,” the company said in a statement.

The statement said it had “fully complied” with all the safety guidelines.