How to get a job for the trucking industry

It is a common practice to send out your resume to a trucking company and hope that they will hire you, but the trucker industry is a tough one.

That is why the National Association of Private Trucking Companies (NAPTC) wants to change that, by offering training and other opportunities to truckers and their families.

“We are working with a number of private industry leaders to develop training programs for truckers to get their feet wet in the industry,” said NAPTC President, Scott Hargrove.

Hargrov is referring to the recent program to train truckers for a new generation of trucking jobs, called the Trucking Skills and Experience Training (TSTE).

The program is open to truck drivers with a bachelor’s degree or higher, or those who have received a private industry apprenticeship.

“You could be a skilled engineer who was working for a major automotive supplier, but had not completed a commercial trucking job,” said Hargov.

“What if you were an apprentice, or if you worked as a mechanic for a large commercial vehicle manufacturer?

Then you have a much different set of skills that you need to become a truck driver.”

The TSTE program was launched by the National Motor Carrier Safety Administration (NMSA), which is in charge of regulating the truckers industry.

The agency is also responsible for ensuring that truck drivers have the skills needed to handle trucks, and train them to safely drive them.

“If you are going to be a trucker, it is important that you have the right skills, the right mindset, and the right equipment to handle those trucks,” said Gary Raskin, NMSA’s director of public affairs.

The Tste program will be taught in private trucking schools, including Trucker School, in partnership with the truck industry.

Students will learn about trucking, safety, safety equipment, safety training, and basic trucking concepts.

The first students will be trained in their first job, and will be responsible for the safety and maintenance of trucks.

After that, they will work on their own to earn their trucking licenses.

Students will receive two-week training on how to properly maintain a truck, including the use of the oil pressure relief system and how to adjust the oil to fit a particular vehicle.

The school also will teach truckers how to perform a basic inspection.

“This is going to provide the training to truck crews, to ensure they’re on the road safely,” said Raskins.

“We’re also going to get the truck drivers to be ready to go out on the roads, so they know what they’re doing.”

The program will also help train the truck crew members and their supervisors, as well as the management of the company.

“When you go to the truck plant, you’re not looking at a company that’s going to take care of you,” said John McWhorter, an executive with the Truck Stop Association of Greater Phoenix, Arizona.

“They’re going to do what’s in their best interest, and they’ll do what the customers want.”NAPTSC’s TSTE training program is a pilot program, and Raskv says he hopes to expand the program to other companies and truckers in the future.

“Our goal is to be able to offer this to the companies that are not in the truck fleet, so that if there is a change, it’s really not a bad thing,” said McWhiver.

“It’s not like they’re going out and hiring someone who has been training their employees for five years, or who is just looking to hire them because they’re looking for someone that can take on more responsibility, which we think is a good thing.”

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