How to find the best truck service in Winnipeg

As Manitoba continues to grow, trucking companies have been struggling to find drivers for its booming new economy.

Now, the provincial government wants to offer a more competitive rental rate and provide a better way to find a truck service center.

The provincial government is proposing to add new rental rates to the Winnipeg truck rental system, and is asking the private sector to help with the project.

The move comes as trucking is in its final throes in the province, with no more new drivers coming on board.

The Manitoba Trucking Association says the new rental system will create more jobs and help attract more truckers.

“The government has been working hard for years to attract truckers to Manitoba.

We’re pleased that this program is finally on the horizon, as we’re hoping it will attract more of them to Manitoba,” said Brian Haggart, president of the Manitoba Truckers Association.”

We’re thrilled the government is finally making this happen.

It’s going to help to attract more drivers to Manitoba and provide an even better rental system.”

The new rental rate would start at $2,200 per month and would be indexed to inflation.

The government says the increase will encourage truckers and others who don’t have an immediate income to consider moving out of the province.

The new system will be in place from the beginning of next year.