How to Choose the Best Tire Truck for Your Garage

In a recent article, I highlighted how to pick the best tire for your garage.

There are countless tire options available, and they can all be used in the garage, which is what my garage is.

If you want to pick up your new car or truck, you will probably want to go with the tire that is rated for that particular vehicle or vehicle type.

I found a couple of different tires that were rated for the Subaru Impreza STI, for example, and I used them for my new Subaru WRX STI.

Here’s how I went about picking the best Subaru tire for my garage.

For my new WRX, I went with a Goodyear Eagle 1×10.2/50.0 rated at 110/55.5 and the Goodyear Dura-Ace 1×20/50 rated at 105/60.0.

For my Subaru ImPreza STi, I picked a Goodrich Classic 1×13.5/50 with a rating of 105/54.5.

The Goodyear Tires website also lists the tire brands that you can get on the website, but for this example, I wanted the Goodrich Dura Ace, so I bought the Dura Ace from Goodrich.

Next up is the Goodland Tire Center in California.

At the time of this writing, the site has a full list of tires that can be found on the Goodlands website.

They are the same as the tire recommendations from Goodyears website, with the exception that they have the tire name on the sidewall.

That’s a good thing because the sidewalls of the tires on the site are very helpful for finding the right tire.

The Goodland website also has a tire section where you can compare a tire’s sidewall rating, and you can use that as a reference to determine if you should buy a specific tire.

You can get a list of all of the Goodlander tires at their website, which I will describe in the next section.

The next step is to get your tires checked out at the tire shop.

Goodman Tire and Rubber in Houston, Texas is a major tire supplier to the auto industry.

The company offers several different tire brands, and all of their tires are rated to a standard of the American Institute of Testing and Materials (AITM).

I went to the Goodmans shop and purchased a couple pairs of Goodmans Goodrich 1×12.5-16 rated tires.

My Goodrich tires are from Goodyear and have a Goodmark rating of 80/55 for a good grade.

I chose the Goodmark for the purpose of this example because it is rated to be the best of the tire manufacturers in the United States.

When I arrived at the Goodman tire shop, I had a couple more pairs of tires in my possession.

Both of my Goodmans tires were Goodmark rated and I chose to pick one of the pair with the Goodmarks Dura Tender.

After getting the pair of Goodmark tires checked for tread wear, I started my tire test.

I put the Goodies tire on the front of the car and drove it around for about 10 minutes to see if there was any tread wear.

Once the tire was clear, I checked out the sidewal of the vehicle.

Again, the Goodiness tires had no tread wear on the vehicle, so that was good.

Now it was time to see what type of tread was there on the tires.

I used a wheel-mounted tire-pressure gauge (HPTG) to measure the pressure inside the tire, and it gave me a reading of 1,600 psi, or a reading that was a bit higher than what I was looking for.

From that reading, I took a look at the sideway of the new tires, and saw that there was no more tread on the tire than there was on the previous pair.

I decided to just put the tires in the car, since I knew that I would be taking them on the long drive home.

While driving, I also took measurements of the sidewals of the other tires.

I found that the Goodworks Dura Tire had the best sidewal reading, so it was a good choice for the trip home.

The tire-test took a couple hours, but once I got home, I made a couple adjustments to my tire selection.

I removed the old tread and replaced it with a new pair of Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires.

The new tires fit nicely on the new tread, and the new sidewalls do not have any tread on them at all.

The tires have a tread-rated rating of 90/75 and they are rated for a hard top.

So far, so good.

The only thing that is missing is the tire tread protector.

I removed the protector, and while it was fine