How to buy a new Ford F-150 truck with a 3.6-liter V6 engine, according to Ford, and how much money will it cost?

Posted by TechRadar on July 13, 2018 07:18:07The new F-Series truck is being sold as the F-1500, and it is the only one of the two in the series to be powered by a 3-liter, 4-cylinder V6.

The new F is the first to get the 4-valve V6, and Ford is selling it with a $4,000 base price.

However, it is going for $5,000, which is actually a great deal, because it will be the lowest-priced truck in the entire series.

We are going to have to wait until August, but it is worth waiting for.

The F-15 is the best-selling of the F series, and is sold through its own Ford dealership.

It is also the only F to get an electric powertrain.

It will cost $6,700 to buy the F1500, which has the most powerful engine in the F Series, and will be sold in four trims: the base F, the top F, and the top Platinum.

If you want the top-tier Platinum, you will need to shell out $12,000.

There are a few other new features in the new F: a turbocharged engine, a larger cabin, and a rear-view camera.

The front and rear seats are identical to the F’s, and there is also a bigger trunk, which was a standard feature on the F15.

The rear seats, however, are a little wider and wider than the F, which means that they are more comfortable.

The seats have more room to expand, and they feel a little larger than the standard F. The F’s transmission is a manual gearbox with a 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8, which will produce more than 3,000 horsepower.

It also has an optional six-speed manual gearshift.

The truck is available with two different engines, but we will cover that in a moment.

Ford says that it will add a 3D-printing technology to the truck, and that it is planning to introduce a new engine this year.

This will be a 3rd generation V8-powered Ford F, with a displacement of 1,400 cubic centimeters.

Ford says that the engine will use a “2.0L V-8 producing 420 horsepower and 477 pound-feet of torque,” which is roughly the same output of the 3.0 liter Ford Fusion.

This engine is designed to be the engine that Ford uses in all of its new F models, including the F150 and F150L, but there is no word on when that will happen.

This is a great time to get a truck that has a good starting price, because we will be seeing some new engines come out in the next few years.

The most expensive F in the market right now is the $36,000 F150, which offers a 3,500 horsepower 4.0 litre V6 and a 1,500 pound-foot of torque.

It’s a very good value, and you can expect to pay a little more for a truck like that in the future.

The most affordable F is also one of Ford’s best-sellers, the $21,500 F150LT.

It has a 3L V6 producing 1,200 horsepower and 450 pound-ft of torque, which makes it a bargain for its price.

It can be had with either a 3 or 4-speed automatic transmission.

If the 4 speed is not the best for you, you can upgrade to a 5-speed and a 6-speed.

The 4-liter F150 is a good option if you want a truck with an affordable price.

The 3- and 4-litre F series trucks are available in the following trim levels: Platinum, Platinum Gold, Platinum Silver, Platinum Platinum, and Platinum Gold Gold.

The Platinum Platinum Gold will cost you $37,500, which sounds like a great price, especially considering that the 4.5 liter V6 F150 will start at $42,400.

The Ford F150 offers many things to do in the parking lot: it has a retractable roof that can be folded up, it has paddle shifters that are available for all four wheels, and its rear-wheel drive system can be configured with different driving modes.

The driver can select between Comfort, Sport, and Eco, and can adjust the power settings.

The four-wheel-drive system will also offer four different modes, including Sport, Comfort, Comfort Plus, and Cruise.

The manual gear selector will be located on the instrument panel, along with the power, speed, and cruise control.

The Eco trim level offers a similar setup, but with the Eco Plus mode that will offer more performance and features.

It costs $38,400, and comes with all the