How a Truck Crop Built a Billion-Dollar Industry

By John NolteApril 24, 2018, 5:16pmA new type of business is emerging: trucking companies using drones to deliver goods and people.

The trucking industry is the largest consumer segment in the U.S. And the industry is set to continue to grow.

The boom is the result of the UAV revolution.

A drone is a small, lightweight aircraft that can fly anywhere in the world for $1,000.

It’s also the easiest way to deliver packages to customers in areas that aren’t served by the traditional delivery system.

By delivering goods and services by unmanned aircraft, trucking firms are expanding into new areas, such as transportation, construction and agriculture.

The companies that are starting to take delivery drones out of the skies are all small, independent companies, said Brian Shackelford, founder of AeroVironment.

In addition to trucking, Shackelfords business is in the aerospace, mining and energy industries.

Shackelford has a new drone he is using in the delivery of his business.

He said the drone is his only business, and he doesn’t have to rely on traditional delivery.

“It’s the same thing as if you had a small business and you needed a vehicle to transport your goods to the place,” Shackell said.

Shacklinfords truck was originally built by his grandfather and his father.

It has a flatbed trailer that was originally meant to haul lumber.

But, Shaco said, the trailer became too heavy.

The last time he bought a truck was in 2007.

That was the year he bought the truck.

He’s used his truck to haul his products to the truck stop, which he sells at a local market.

The AeroVinteration company has taken a small company to the next level, Shacklin said.

He can now deliver his products by drone.

“The whole industry has gotten more sophisticated,” Shacklins said.

“The drones have made it much easier to deliver.

They can be more economical, which means it’s a much more efficient use of land.”

In the past, Shacks business had to pay for the delivery.

Now, it can be done for free.

Shackeeffords drones can deliver up to 100 pounds of goods at a time, and can travel on foot.

He says that is more efficient than the delivery process in a traditional truck.

Shacks truck is in its second year of operation.

Shackkefords trucks are expected to be fully operational in 2019.