How a commercial truck truck service company got its truck bodies to a crime scene

A truck service truck body company in Texas was in hot water after a body found inside its truck was found to be not belonging to one of its drivers.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the body of a passenger in the truck was discovered in the back of a vehicle owned by the company.

When the driver was asked to look inside the vehicle, he found no evidence of a body, the paper reported.

The body, which has not been identified, is believed to be a male and it has been reported to authorities that the body was driven to the truck body repair shop in Bexar County.

The truck body service company, which was started by Michael Williams and Scott Burchfield, told the Dallas Business Journal that it has taken legal action against the trucking company, claiming that they violated its rules of conduct.

The news outlet also reported that the company has launched a “self-policing” system, which will ensure that no driver will ever see their body again.

The company said that it would pay for the truck’s repair and that they are also hiring additional security staff.