Dublin has its first car-sharing scheme – A vehicle-sharing service

Dublin’s first car sharing service, C2G, has been announced, and drivers will have to share their cars with other drivers via a fleet of rental vehicles.

Dublin has its most extensive car-share system in Europe, with over 2,000 vehicles and more than 1,000 docking stations across the city.

The service, which launched on January 11, will offer drivers a shared parking facility, with a range of different types of parking options, including car parks and public spaces.

In addition, there are plans for a network of docking stations, where drivers can take part in short rides, and even a bike-sharing station.

The Cork City Council, the company behind the scheme, has partnered with Dublin City Council to run the service in Cork, with its first pilot cars due to roll out next month.

The new service, however, will not be the first to offer a car-pooling service in Dublin.

C2G also operates in Manchester, Liverpool, Liverpool-Wrexham, Manchester, Newcastle, Oxford and Oxfordshire.

Cork City Council said in a statement that the new scheme would provide drivers with a safe and affordable way to access and use their carpools, which is the “perfect complement to C2Gs unique transport network”.

The Cork Council said that, “We believe this is a great first step towards connecting our carpooling services across the wider city of Dublin, which will be a world-leading network”.