Driver of ‘Warden of the Jungle’ gets a ride from Uber to deliver a delivery

When you’re a driver in a car, you’re probably familiar with the “warden of your jungle.”

It’s where you take a delivery for someone else, but it’s usually your own company.

But now Uber is looking to change that by partnering with one of its largest trucking companies to deliver goods to customers.

The company says it has partnered with the trucking company that owns the Warden of the Amazon to offer a new service called Wagon Express.

That’s a truck with the Wagon, a semi truck, a trailer, a load-carrying van, and other vehicles that deliver to warehouses.

The Warden of Amazon says it’s been working with Uber for about a year now, and the partnership is a “game-changer.”

“We have the capability to move our trucks around the world,” said Kevin Lee, Wagon’s chief operating officer.

“We’ve been able to deliver all over the world, and we’ve seen tremendous growth.”

The partnership with Uber comes on the heels of another partnership the two have with the company’s logistics giant.

Earlier this year, Uber and Amazon signed a deal that gives Uber an on-demand delivery service for its own warehouses.

Uber and Amazon also announced a new partnership to deliver its own groceries.

Last month, Uber launched a new grocery delivery service called Prime Now.

Uber is also partnering with the warehouse company that has warehouses that handle its warehouses.

Uber says it will use these warehouses for deliveries to customers and deliveries to suppliers, and it will pay the warehouse for its services.

Warden’s services will only be available in Seattle and Portland, Ore., though it says it could expand its service to other locations in the coming months.

It will also provide delivery services to customers in other cities in the U.S., as well as to Amazon customers.