Delhi’s traffic jams: How did I get into this traffic jam?

Delhi has been in the headlines for years for its traffic woes, and the traffic jam situation has been the focus of the nation’s most-watched television channels.

Now, we are told, we can get into a traffic jam in the city of 1.5 million people, even if it means a 10-minute delay.

The news has come from the city government, which has issued a circular to drivers saying that traffic jams in the metropolitan region are “excessive” and “unacceptable” and adding that the vehicles involved in them will be banned.

A traffic jam is an inconvenience caused by drivers and drivers of private vehicles.

When they are not making enough time for their own journey, they have to resort to using alternate routes, such as the public roads, to get to their destination.

This is why traffic jams can be dangerous for both pedestrians and drivers.

A lot of people, who have already booked a ticket, are also taking it into their own hands to make it worse.

The traffic jam issue is not limited to Delhi.

In Mumbai, people are getting stuck on roads with traffic jams that are also affecting their daily lives.

The government’s circular comes in the wake of a series of incidents of road-blocking in cities, especially in major metropolitan cities.

For the past three days, we have seen the situation in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Bengalol and other cities as the situation deteriorated further.

In the past few days, several people were detained on roads in Mumbai and Bengaluru by police officers who had been blocking the roads, saying they were doing it to prevent deaths.

There were also complaints of road blockades in other cities.

In a series a few weeks ago, the traffic situation in Chennai worsened further after people complained of gridlock on the roads.

Police, who were called by the civic body, decided to issue a road blockade.

The blockade has been going on for two days and at least a thousand vehicles are stuck on the road.

There have been reports of people getting injured on the blocked roads, which is quite unusual.

A large number of police cars have been blocking traffic in Delhi as well.

Delhi Police Commissioner M.K. Sharma said, “As per our orders, traffic is being blocked at various locations in the country, including Delhi.

There is no time for anyone to get on a road.

The road blockading is a clear violation of the law.”

In fact, a lot of vehicles were also blocked in Bengaluru on Wednesday, with a blockading party set up on the outskirts of the city.

The people there have been protesting against the closure of several roads in the capital.

Police said the blockading was part of the operation to prevent road blockages in other parts of the country.

On the other hand, a number of people in Bengalur, the state capital, have been caught in traffic jams.

The police have been making arrangements for a blockaded stretch of the road, which was blocked by protesters.