Crow truck service tool box found in South Dakota

Crow truck services tool box has been found in the South Dakota state line and is expected to be taken to South Dakota’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

A Crow truck tool-box was discovered Tuesday morning in an area near the town of Pawnee, south of the Twin Cities.

The tool box is expected be returned to the Crow truck company.

The tool box was found in an abandoned Crow truck that was abandoned after being towed to a truck stop in South Dakotas early Monday.

The Crow company has said the tool box contained a “handful” of tools, but has not provided details about how many tools were inside.

The tools in the tool- box include crow-wire, crow-bar, crow bars, crowbar drill, crowbars, crow bar, crow blocks, crow plates, crow shaft, crow spikes, and a crow tail.

The Crow truck, which was found abandoned on Sunday, was reportedly traveling in the Pawnees rural community of Paunee when it was hit by a tractor-trailer.

A Crow truck was found at the scene.

The truck was taken to a nearby truck stop and the Crow company said the tools were recovered.

The discovery comes after a truck stopped at a Crow truck stop near Paunees trailer stop on Tuesday.