A trucker with a ‘perfect life’ story: trucker’s life in photos

A man from Alberta is taking a break from his job in the construction industry, but is still a regular in his neighbourhood and loves his truck service.

Ray Gershwin lives in the city of Edmonton and has been a truck driver for about seven years.

Gershlen says the trucking industry has changed over the years, and he has noticed some changes in his life, including a lot of the older drivers retiring.

“I’ve been in the business for five years now and I’ve seen a lot change,” Gershyll said.

“There’s a lot more women, and they’re working more and more with younger guys, and there’s a couple of guys who are on the sidelines.”

He also says the industry is changing in many ways, from more and larger trucks to more trucks with smaller engines.

“In terms of the truck market, I think it’s been really good for trucking,” Gingshwin said.

“It’s been a good market for us to be in for the last couple of years.”

The economy’s good and we’re going to be back to business as usual next year.

“Gershyl and his wife have two children, ages seven and five, and two grandkids.